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AJKPSC Jobs 2020


AJKPSC (Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission)

AJKPSC (Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission) is a job portal, where different levels of jobs are posted on daily, weekly, and monthly basis for provincial scale services. Latest AJKPSC jobs 2020 can be seen by the advertisement of the jobs by the portal. It also provides testing facility for the jobs which have been advertised and select the ideal candidates who pass the examination. AJKPC fully support the merit system and there is no chance of unethical means to get the job done. The system is all transparent and have unique as well as secure. The AJKPSC covers all major cities which comes under the region of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Details of Jobs at AJKPSC

AJKPSC Jobs 2020 are being managed by examining the candidate with an initial test. After the test, candidates will be able to get a call from the respective job company for an interview. After a successful interview, the candidate will be then selected from the top candidate who have passed the initial test and the interview. The final selection is purely based on merit. Most of the time, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission Jobs are from governmental department and for this purpose, AJKPSC have to be more accurate and secure to gain trust among these departments to provide them talented candidates for any suitable job.

Latest AJKPSC Jobs 2020 are shown at the Platform in the form of advertisement or by case. Every month AJKPSC Jobs are available for various posts against the required jobs and vacancies available for different organizations with a complete eligibility criterion. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission is the top government platform that provides the administration on provincial level services. Through proper testing under Latest AJKPSC Jobs Test it selects only those candidates who are talented and are able to pass the exam for specific post. The major aim of the platform is to promote professionalism and excellence in the Kashmir.

Apply AJKPSC Jobs 2020:

To apply for latest AJKPSC Jobs in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, the candidates can go to the official website of AJKPSC and find out the job advertisement under the specific case number. After selecting the case and job posting, the candidate will then have to fill an application form, which is almost same for every job posting. After filling out the form and depositing the nominal fee in the National Treasury. The candidate will be able to print and or download the roll number slip for his or her examination. Following are some easy to remember step to register yourself for jobs at AJKPSC

  • Select case and job number
  • Fill out personal information
  • Fill out educational information
  • Deposit bank fee
  • Submit all details
  • Generate or download slip

Details of AJKPSC Exam:

Exam of AJKPSC is quite different from other public service commissions. Most of the time, it is based on MCQs, of total 100 marks. Every MCQ have multiple options to select from them. There is only one right or correct answer. These exams are based on two different categories, one with general syllabus requirements for a post and the other one is based on the related subject regarding the position or job post. In the general exam type, the paper is divided into subparts.  However, for some specific posts, the paper is quite different. For example, an exam for Post of Assistant Professor, there will be a subjective type paper.  There will be 5 total questions divided into maximum two parts.

The paper pattern is quite simple, there is one single essay, one comprehension passage. To which the candidate has to answer the questions given. The third question is based on the summary of passages. The fourth question contains some pair of word and the candidate have to k make some sentences based on those words. At last, there will be some words to which the candidate has to make sentences by providing a meaning to them.

How to Attempt AJKPSC Exam:

Attempting an exam by the Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission is quite easy. Because all we have to do is to answer all of the questions given for every question. However, in case of MCQs, the right way to solve the paper is to fill the circle fully by pen in such a way that, it neither filled out in half nor the filling goes out of the circle.  We just need to fill the circle completely within the given area. If the area is not properly filled, you will get no marks. The answer will also get wrong if there are more than one circles filled by the candidate. Cross cutting is also not allowed, as it will deduct marks. The important thing to note it that, in some cases, there is a negative marking for a wrong given answer. But in majority, there is no negative marking by the Commission’s testing system.



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