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FPSC Jobs 2020 | Federal Public Service Commission Jobs 2020


FPSC jobs 2020| Federal Public Service Commission jobs 2020

FPSC jobs in Pakistan, Federal Public Service Commission is an evaluating system that evaluates candidates that are most suitable for a specific job.  It is a department of Federal Government of Pakistan to administer the recruiting and hiring process for general government service and CSS exams to hire civil services at public sector level and Government departments. The Federal Public Service Commission advertise Latest FPSC jobs, in Islamabad with relevant details of application forms, notifications and schedule of the examination and results. All of the hiring and testing system is purely based on merit and no one is allowed to involve his political or any other power to compromise the system. FPSC, advertises for almost every field including, Medical, Engineering, Teaching, Education, Administrators, IT management and more.

FPSC Jobs 2020:

FPSC is one of the most trust worthy platform, where all categories of job posting is advertised through a proper channel.  The platform manages the recruiting by a preliminary test under the supervision of a competitive examination system, which analyze thousands of applicants through a competitive exam before getting into any job recruiting process. Most of the time, FPSC Jobs are from governmental department along with the CSS (Civil Service Examination) and for this purpose, FPSC have to be more accurate and secure to gain trust among these departments to provide them talented candidates for any suitable job. Latest FPSC Jobs 2020 are shown at the Platform in the form of advertisement or by case. Every month FPSC Jobs are available for various posts against the required jobs and vacancies available for different organizations with a complete eligibility criterion.

FPSC Job Advertisement:

All of the jobs at FPSC are issued through a consolidated advertising technique. This advertisement has all of the relevant information regarding the job posting in a single form. The advertisement contains the schedule of testing, results, merits list and the information of nominal fee. The nominal fee is to be deposited to the National Treasury or in any branch of National Bank of Pakistan in all major cities. To see an advertisement under FPSC Jobs 2020, you can go and visit their official site.

Apply FPSC Jobs 2020:

To apply for Jobs By FPSC, one can visit their official site, where every job posting is categorized by their relevant case number along with the proper dates. To get yourself register, you have to fill out the form given on the website and put all of the relevant and accurate information. After putting all information, your exam slip will be generated. However, you have to deposit specific amount as fee for the desired job posting. To apply for FPSC jobs 2020, you have to fill the online form and deposit fee in any branch of National Bank of Pakistan. After putting all information, you will be able to generate your slip for the exam.

  • Note! Keep your printed slip with yourself before going to the Exam center to avoid any conflict.

FPSC Exam 2020:

FPSC Jobs 2020, conducts exams of total 100 MCQs with a time frame limit of 2 hours. Every MCQ have five options to select from them. There is only one right answer. These exams are based on two different categories, one with general syllabus requirements for a post and the other one is based on the related subject regarding the position or job post. In the general exam type, the paper is divided into subparts. These part includes general knowledge, IQ, analytical and verbal reasoning. However, the partition of numbers or percentage is also divided as per the part. The general knowledge part consists of 20% of the total paper. The analytical and verbal part contains 70-80 % of the total paper. Because with the advance testing system, FPSC makes sure that they are evaluating thousands of candidates in order to select only few of them who are deserving and or good in their respective field.

Apart from the general public service departmental jobs, FPSC also conducts CSS exams for civil services. For this purpose, the syllabus and marking criteria is quite unique and different from other testing systems. There are two categories of subjects, the compulsory subjects and the optional.  Each Compulsory subjects carry 100 points and there are total 6 Compulsory FPSC Subjects which includes following subjects:

FPSC CSS Compulsory Subjects: (Each Carry 100 Marks)

  1. English Essay
  2. English Precise and Composition
  3. General Science
  4. Pakistan Affairs
  5. Current Affairs
  6. Islamic Studies or Major Religion (For Non-Muslims)

FPSC CSS Optional Subjects: (Each Carry 200 marks)

Optional subjects can be selected only one at a time for each specific group. Apart from the below optional subjects, every other optional subject carry 100 points based on the group and the number of sections given in each exam. However, the optional subjects that carries 200 marks are as follows:

  1. Accounting & Auditing
  2. Computer Science
  3. Political Science
  4. Economic
  5. Physics
  6. Chemistry
  7. International Relations


All subjects with 100 marks have only one paper while, a subject with 200 marks will have 2 papers.

How to Attempt FPSC Exam:

Attempting an exam by the Federal Public Service Commission is quite easy. Because all we have to do is to encircle the right option from the five different options given for every question. The right way to solve the paper is to fill the circle fully by pen in such a way that, it neither filled out in half nor the filling goes out of the circle.  We just need to fill the circle completely within the given area. If the area is not properly filled, you will get no marks. The answer will also get wrong if there are more than one circles filled by the candidate. Cross cutting is also not allowed, as it will deduct marks. The important thing to note it that, in some cases, there is a negative marking for a wrong given answer. But in majority, there is no negative marking by the Commission’s testing system.


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