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The 1/6 Committee Cannot Subpoena Mike Pence Quick Sufficient As He Claims No President Has Lied As A lot As Biden

In a second that begs the query is Mike Pence attempting to get subpoenaed? The previous vp claimed that no president lies as a lot as Biden.


Pence was requested by Larry Kudlow if he has seen a president refuse to simply accept blame and commit as many falsehoods as Biden, and he answered, “By no means in my lifetime. As I mentioned at the moment, there has by no means been a time in my life the place a president was so disconnected from the American individuals.”

The 1/6 Committee is contemplating subpoenaing Mike Pence, and Pence’s willingness to inform such absurd lies and canopy for Donald Trump ought to make the committee query why the previous vp continues to be defending the person who tried to get him killed on 1/6.

Trump’s lies have been so rampant and chronic that a complete cottage trade of fact-checking sprung up in journalism with the only function of debunking his false statements across the clock. The actual fact-checkers have seen their workload plunge underneath Joe Biden.

There has by no means been a extra out-of-touch pathological liar within the White Home than Trump.

Pence is masking for Trump as a result of he thinks that he may nonetheless be president sometime. Mike Pence’s profession is over. Trump supporters suppose that he’s the anti-Christ, however Pence is mendacity for Trump as a result of he offered his soul for what he thought could be his path to the Oval Workplace.

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