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The Proper Is Blaming Rachel Maddow For Mass Shootings After Radicalizing Buffalo Killer

The Buffalo mass shooter was radicalized by Fox, Trump, and the GOP, however the precise is blaming Rachel Maddow for mass shootings.

Not wanting to speak about 2022, the precise is trying on the congressional softball sport taking pictures in 2017:

No. They aren’t as a result of Rachel Maddow doesn’t use racist rhetoric or push alternative idea on her present as Tucker Carlson does.

The appropriate has been working with this as a result of retreating to 2017 is a lot simpler to cope with than going through as much as their racism being known as out in 2022:

Republicans and Fox Information Viewers Have Been Had Their Racist Ideology Uncovered

Republicans actually believed that they might use racist alternative idea as an election platform, and there could be no penalties. The taking pictures in Buffalo is what occurs when racist rhetoric goes mainstream and the people who turn out to be radicalized take motion.

Rachel Maddow Is Not To Blame For Mass Shootings

Rachel Maddow is to not blame for mass shootings as a result of she isn’t pushing the rhetoric of political violence. The appropriate is utilizing a tragic deflection tactic to attempt to create a each side argument on mass shootings.

Just one aspect is radicalizing younger white boys to kill, and that’s additionally the identical aspect that watches Tucker Carlson unfold alternative idea racism on Fox Information.

The Buffalo shooter didn’t have to say Tucker Carlson. He used Carlson’s rhetoric.

The occasion that attempted to overthrow the federal government with a violent riot is attempting to persuade themselves and everybody else that Rachel Maddow is the issue when the actual difficulty is Fox Information and the GOP’s use of racism for political achieve.

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